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Brian Schneider is a multi-disciplinary artist from Greenfield, WI. He received his BFA in 2014 from the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design and currently creates and shows work at Var Gallery and Studios in Milwaukee.  Brian works in drawing, painting, photography, mixed media sculpture and digitally.

My work is a meditation; a conversation of intuitive and contemplative thought. I weave between different mediums searching how each uniquely effects the content and form of each piece. Within this process a rhythm begins to form. A rhythm of digging, sifting, marking, placing, pausing, re-placing and reaction. The content is borne out of this meditative mode of making.

In my work I manipulate the human form and spaces in which it inhabits. I am interested in the times that the body is in positions of vulnerability or agitation. Positions that can be felt when looking at them. Positions that evoke emotions. I pair this with a playful use of shape, color and mark making; alongside humorous titles or narratives that cause ones guard to come down. It is a type of therapy. Used to process personal experiences, be empathetic to others experiences and to put myself into archetypal human experiences or thought processes.

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